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Faculty Development Program

Justuju was a program for faculty development which aimed to promote a culture of critical research based practice in Communication Design education. Building upon the theme of Research by Practice, the program included workshops, lectures and seminars conducted by academics from Pakistan and USA through remote means.

Participating faculty from partnering institutes were able to engage critically with the concept of Research by Practice – Praxis and critical pedagogies while examining and exploring their own practice with regards to potential for critical research. Activities included elective seminars, lectures, presentations, activities, short assignments and sharing of resources. Through these activities participants gained theoretical and technical knowledge while engaging in interactive sessions led by trainers and experts from USA and Pakistan and paving the way for cross-institutional dialogue with peers from various design departments and industry experts. 

Lectures and Presentations
Changing Models of Design Education in Europe and the United States Through the 20th and 21st Centuries.
Dr. Ahmed Ansari
Human Centered Design for Sustainable Innovation
Dr. Henna Ali
Design Research: Investigative Design Methodologies
Dr. Henna Ali
The Role of Rhetorical Theory in Journey Maps
Dr. Leslie Hankey
The Breath of the Compassionate: Journey and Homage
Erin Sledd
Atlas of (dys)Function: Unpacking the City Through Research & Design.
Gulraiz Khan
Models in Design Education: The Role of History, Theory, and Speculative Practice in the Curriculum
Dr. Ahmed Ansari
Critical Pedagogy: Looking at Reflective Practice(S)
Yasmeen Salman
Visualizing Research - 3 workshop series
Dr. Leslie Hankey
Designing, Executing and Documenting a Research Informed Creative Project
Erin Sledd
Digital Whiteboarding: An introduction to Remote Collaboration
Hassan Habib
Documentation & Presentation of Research
Mobeen Ansari